Snowdrop;  It is among the leading organizations of our country in the WORK CLOTHES, WORK SAFETY MATERIALS and WORK SHOES sectors.

Kardelen ,  which started its operations in 1992 ,  manufactures 1,000,000  WORK CLOTHES annually thanks to its mass production facility in its factory located in Tokat - Organized Industrial Zone  .

Our institution has ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate.

Kardelen presents and sells its products in its stores located in Istanbul (Dudullu - İkitelli) and Kocaeli (Gebze - İzmit). In addition, it continues to strengthen its position in the sector with its developing export network (GERMANY, FRANCE, AZERBAIJAN, KAZAKHSTAN, IRAQ, QATAR, RUSSIA, IVORY, GABON etc.).

Having modern technology and an experienced team, Kardelen works with the aim of providing good and fast service to its customers.


When you work with Kardelen;


  • You will be sure to buy quality and safe products.
  • You are greeted with an advanced and dedicated pre and post-sales communication & support service.
  • You have a wide range of products and supplies.
  • You will enjoy the comfort of working with a solution partner that is institutionalized in every aspect.
  • Most importantly, your staff's faces are smiling.
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PVC Topcoat Raincoat